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The female does not eat food of a few cold sexes in menstruation avoid by all means, because this meeting causes menstruation to be not moved, when perhaps letting classics of female forthcoming month alvine bilge painful. If female menstruation ate cold sex food more, likely evenFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Cause disease of a few department of gynaecology. So most female is in him menstruation, it is to food very care about. Rock candy can be added in a lot of dish and Shang Zhong, so is the female in forthcoming month classics when can you still take rock candy?

 Can forthcoming month classics take rock candy

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During official holiday, femaleFall in love with the sea

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The friend should eat a few tepid food, this is well-known issue, still have even if everybody also should do good heat preservation to work, during this working intensity does not want too big, assure enough rest, the mood that should let oneself as far as possible smooth, a few more likely female friendForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Syrup, although say rock candy water is sweet dirt grime is particularly good drink, but in come everybody wants discretion during official holiday.

 Can forthcoming month classics take rock candy

Because rock candy belongs to food of cold cool sex, people likes to use rock candy to boil water usually, use clear hot detoxify, be being drunk in summer is first-rate really, but if not quite hot rock candy is drunk in menstruation, bring about him blood Yu very easily, dysmenorrhoea accentuates further, if oneself belongs to cold sex constitution originally, everybody must stop. And if he is common,the body does not have a problem, so those who drink a few heat did not concern, the rock candy water that boils with Xue Li especially does not have any problems commonly, because boil the Xue Li that pass to do not have cool sex, be in nevertheless menstruation, we still advocate everybody to drink brown sugar water.

 Can forthcoming month classics take rock candy

The nutrient value of rock candy water actually first-rate, can help people alleviate cough symptom, the cough that causes to the cold accordingly also has regular remedial meritorious serviceShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Effect, want to notice nevertheless, rock candy water also is not informal drinkable, if do not have cough to perhaps cough, because the cold is caused,not be, this moment does not want to drink as far as possible, because this belongs to the food of cold cool sex after all, if be drunk too much, the likelihood brings about people to have the show of diarrhoea. Possible still meeting brings about people to cough to accentuate further, if oneself belong to cold sex constitution,have again, so in the weather in chill, everybody also should be drunk less a few, avoid the body algid.

The place on put together is narrated, should know friend of female of forthcoming month classics to be able to put syrup on the ice in order to drink now, rock candy water belongs to the food of cold cool sex, do not want to drink as far as possible in menstruation, if oneself want to drink really, can drink so a few tepid. In menstruation, go out to let the leftover toxin inside the body be discharged as soon as possible, so female friend drinks water of a few brown sugar with respect to need, do job of good heat preservation to wait.

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