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Be in at ordinary times, proper drinkable Pu’er tea to reducing blood pressure and reducing cholesterol is very goodShanghai dragonForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, and the assimilation that Pu’er tea can promote intestines and stomach, so drinkable Pu’er tea is to be able to achieve the result that reduce weight. Pu’er tea is OK of warm stomach, andForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The person can accept the flavour great majority of Pu’er tea, too won’t bitter, bad to intestines and stomach friend is OK proper drinkable, but want to reduce weight truly, still need to adopt athletic method.

Can Pu'er tea reduce weight really

Pu’er tea effect reducing weight

Pu’er tea belongs to the feral tea of wide leaf, already inattentive foliaceous tea sells, also can reduce tea cake account. Pu Er is a kind of black tea, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Black tea of and rather than. It basically is produced from Chinese southwest ministry, ferment this kind of wide Xie Chada needs the left and right sides 40 days without exception artificially, airing, alcoholize undertakes even after finishing, choose nag and detached sterilization.

Ceaselessly research points out Pu Er can reduce cholesterol, high blood pressure, help body discharges poison, protect a heart. French ARMA medicine studies Dr. Daiteen of association expresses, the person that he exceeds bid in the light of 350 weight has a test, they drink a cup of Pu Er everyday, food need not can control, the weight that there are 299 people in two months dropped 2-5 kilogram.

Above all, pu Er can keep out the damp in taste. A healthy milt helps you digest, absorb the nutrition in food, remove the redundant moisture in the body at the same time.

Can Pu'er tea reduce weight really

If absorb food of the purificatory flour of excessive, treatment and candy at ordinary times, yourShanghai noble baby

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Because bear is overweight,milt is met and become frail, main symptom is blood pressure not stable, exhaustion is Mondayish and get fat. Milt occurrence problem, water of very easy corner divides the body, cause oedema, this also is a lot of schoolgirls fat (saying well and truly is ” puffiness ” ) main reason. The candy branch of excessive adds the fungus infection of hand or foot inside your body, cause a disease. Pu Er is helping you in this respect, its dispel wet effect changes the energy in intestines and stomach, the help reduces weight. At the same time also the scholar points out, pu Er can quicken metabolism, promote adipose combustion.

Whether is Pu’er tea thin body true effective?

Can Pu’er tea reduce weight really?

On this, although passing Pu Er all the time thin body effect is optimal, but the evidence that does not have essence points out, general Er thin body lights fat is He Yuan manage after all. It and general tea are same, among them catechu element can accelerate metabolism, promote digest — from the point of this respect, it should have effect reducing weight.

Can Pu'er tea reduce weight really

Why does somebody drink constipation of general Er meeting?

This has a lot of reasons. Above all, constitutional cent of the person is chills and fever two kinds, pu Er also has the branch of unripe tea and ripe tea, unripe tea sex is cold, ripe tea sex is hot, the person with cold body drank unripe tea party to cause occurrence problem of intestines and stomach, generation constipation. Manage together, if your body heats up the hot tea that drank excessive again, because,meet dry1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Heat up suffer from excessive internal heat and constipation. Say by constant manage, the Er that drink general can solve constipation, but the time that should notice to drink, the 30-40 after taking food minute drinkable for optimal, er of this moment general can develop his adequately ” blow oil ” effect. But if eat a meal,drink instantly, meeting influence intestines and stomach is digested bring about constipation. Besides Pu’er tea, still have the tea water that can you reduce weight?

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