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In the weather with damp damp perhaps area, pu’er tea cake is very easy and bibulous appear of mildewy circumstance, suggest everybody should want to notice to give in damp environment charcoal is joined to undertake by Pu’er tea bibulous, and should take Pu’er tea come out to bask, lest mildewy circumstance. Appear when Pu’er tea cake mildewy circumstance, had better be not to want edible, because become moldy,mean those who have a lot of bacteria to cause, intestines and stomach is injured in drinkable meeting.

Pu'er tea cake became moldy how to do

1, general bait tea cake mildew changes how to do

1.1, handle: with cloth? If surface of? of  of behead  ambitious is mildewy, can use the cloth with half clean tide, clear mildewy part, deposit ventilated, dry place, do not want to bask in, also do not want to fry, be done everyday so, half month or after a month, did not have.

1.2, time problem: ? Reason of gourd ladle of Lu of Quan  post perch and the raw material that lie? can read you will handle, good large tree tea, can wait for a few months more, wet has been met afterwards, if be general common tea, the tea with low price, did not drink.

1.3, break up: ? The method with best? of ⒚ of crack of Hu of behead  Fang is into small group the Pu’er tea break up of small perhaps group, reoccupy is put in ventilated, dry place inside bamboo basket, writhe a few times everyday. Half month or after a month, should say to do not have.

Pu'er tea cake became moldy how to do

1.4, brush mould with tooth brush, put in shady and cool and ventilated place next, make its natural and dry, must not put in insolate below the sun.

2, how does bait tea cake save general

2.1, current air

There is more oxygen share in current air, the one a bit biologic in be helpful for tea multiplies, can accelerate tea change consequently, but cannot hang Pu’er tea buy to be on the balcony, the tea that such placement, tea gas gives blow, tea flavor gives blowLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Came loose, drinkable rise feeling indifferently insipidity. Should have so flow moderatelyShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
The air that connect, but cannot put at blast tuyere.

2.2, measurable humidity

Good now Pu’er tea is exquisite should ” dry storehouse ” deposit, “Dry storehouse ” in pointing to the environment in Gan Shuang namely, deposit, avoid is wet. Too dry environment can make the Chen Hua of Pu’er tea becomes slow, want to have certain fungus infection of hand or foot so. Be in relativelyForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
For dry environment in, one cannikin water can be put by what deposit tea, the humidity in your air increases a little. But too the rapid change that passes damp environment to be able to bring about Pu’er tea, this kind of change often is ” mildew changes ” , your tea cannot drinkable.

Pu'er tea cake became moldy how to do

2.3, constant temperature

The temperature that Pu’er tea places cannot too tall or too low, temperature should be given priority to with local environment, need not create temperature painstakingly artificially, normal indoor temperature is good, it is to maintain all the year round very relatively be in centigrade 20, 30 degrees between, too high temperature can make tea ferments quickly acidify. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

3, the bubble of tea of cake of general bait tea law

3.1, the: that send tea? Hot? overcomes the left and right sides to be put into make tea container. (Violet arenaceous crock is best! )

3.2, the: that wash tea? Jia? 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
boiling water gives soup quickly, taste besides what wake up tea more important is the impurity in cleaning teaForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
! Giving soup quickly is to avoid tea flavor excessive wash.

3.3, wash a cup of: ?  of Pa of the bed austral confused You of Mei show off  ? also calls warm cup, flavour is more full-bodied when waiting for meeting Cheng Chashang.

3.4, : of the 2nd bubble? Does the plum promote excuse me of be ignorant of of  of confused Song of  Han cook Home  ?

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