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Afterwards of People Can Fly of business of polish game development 2011 ” bullet storm ” later, developing two independent projects at present. Atelier was bought by Epic Games 2012, rapid more the name is Epic Games Poland. Before passing one year, this atelier returned to independent status afresh, change answered the name previously. They had new eldest child nowadays (the CEO Adrian Chmielarz before established new atelier The Astronauts to be made ” Yi Sen gets stuck to disappear especially ” ) , atelier of People Can Fly is developing 3A class to shoot play, will announce formally 2017. Atelier CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski expresses to us:

We begin to design new project from the beginning of the year. Before this, we still are revising the notional part of the project. The detail of game is about when next year ability was announced.

The inchoate level that although game still lies,develops, but of People Can Fly make newly had found hair is peddling. Do not cross atelier and did not announce issueing trade is which, knowing is Epic Games. Additionally the information about game content also is to have no comment. Nevertheless, a few work before considering atelier (” behead bewitching divides demon ” take the place of first and ” bullet storm ” ) style, make the dynamic FPS work that estimation also is a bloody force newly. Nevertheless the former word of Wojciechowski is so those who say:

We were found in so early phases hair is peddling, the development experience that we abound profit from. This kind of experience also is the foundation stone that our game makes development place newly depend on.

The 2nd project of People Can Fly is about a few smaller. Atelier plans to announce this project inside 2016. But at present, we also do not know the information of this game likewise, fire game or other what be after all.

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